شـبكة جنـين للـحوار

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شـبكة جنـين للـحوار

    Is It Suicide?



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    pal Is It Suicide?

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    Is It Suicide?

    By: Dr. Mustafa Mahmud

    America accused Afghanistan of preparing for and executing the terrorist attack that was launched on 11th September, 2001 which came to be known as Black Tuesday. In other words, the United States blamed Afghanistan for hijacking the civil airplanes with which the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked. As a repercussion to this assault and the accusation that followed it, the U.S. initiated an extreme attack against Afghanistan to destroy the bastions of that alleged 'terrorism,' yet the American forces only found poor Afghani villages populated by indigent farmers, who do not have enough food or water. The pictures that the reporters’ cameras captured reflected only ruin and terrible signs of destruction.

    Mere desolation was the consequence of that barbaric air strike that has annihilated the poor people and their children, leaving nothing but more devastation. Ironically, it was a baseless war, or a battle without a war, for there was only one party that perished under the offensive encounter, namely the Afghanis.

    Are those weak people the terrorists for whom the American government has gathered all their military aircraft, missiles, tanks, guns, and the other massive weapons? Are they Osama bin Laden and his group? Are they the ingenious pilots, who led the Pan American planes and made those attacks? Moreover, until now there is an absence of substantial evidence to point the finger at anyone in Afghanistan. It is a comedy, no doubt! Imagine how the American planes threw down bags of flour and sweets over the Afghani people and then sent them bombs and explosives! How humane those Americans are!

    The Pentagon has gently stated that Ramadan is approaching, and that in spite of the fact that America respects the sacredness of this month, it may sorrowfully be obligated to resume its attacks against Afghanistan during it, because there is not much time available to complete the required attacks. Besides this, the winter is also approaching and the land will soon be covered with snow, and that will make it impossible to execute more charges. Therefore, everybody should put these considerations in mind.

    What do you think these ironic scenes refer to? Is it frivolous play, or an act of a deranged mind? The problem is that it does not seem that this terrible, disgusting show will cease. Many people are still being killed, thousands of starving children are still crying, and many indigents are still losing their limbs along with their dignity. More ironically, all this is taking place while the bags of flour and sweets are being thrown to find no destination except the desert; never to reach the mouths of the hungry!

    This is not a comedy, but real bitter scenes that originate from so-called 'globalization', in the year 2001 under the name of the war launched by America against terrorism wherein Osama bin Laden has been made the scapegoat. This assault is said to be a reply to the terrorist attack that took place on September 11 on Washington and New York, but, in reality, it is a terrorist attack in itself, and seems even worse than that. It is being waged by the most powerful country on earth against a feeble, hungry and miserable people. The schoolyard bully has taken on international dimensions!

    This awful scene, in its own right, proves that all American excuses and claims are baseless and aimed at brainwashing the populations of the world into thinking they are the saviors of mankind; saving from nasty terrorism! They have unwittingly turned their own evil deeds into an international scandal, and left themselves vulnerable for the fingers of the world to point at America; the powerful state that destroys all within its reach, who dare to defy their self promoted power.

    The only Sovereignty belongs to Allah, the Sovereign Lord, the Truth, the Holy One, the Source of Peace and Perfection, the Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Safety, the Exalted in Might, the Irresistible, the Supreme, and to Whom belong the Most Beautiful Names. It is He alone Who lives endlessly and it is He alone Who thrones and dethrones kings, and gives life and death with a word; “Be!”. It is only Allah, Who is worthy of prostration and with Whom is the Decision of all things. Believing in Him and obeying Him establish and inculcate morality, piety, submission, and subservience into man’s heart.

    This is Islam, which is accused of terrorism. Will the absurdities ever end? Has not the time come for reaching an agreement with the parties concerned, before it is too late?

    We confirm that in Islam, it is a virtue and a sign of perfection to confess the truth even if it should prove that one is wrong. Islam also stresses the fact that those who are led by arrogance to commit more crimes are certainly inferior and ignorant. It is a fact that some party has committed an error, yet this does not mean that many other parties take revenge on that party in such a blind, irrational way. To err is human! Both those who propagated terrorism and those who replied to them savagely and without discrimination are wrong. Should these blind repercussions continue in this way, only endless destruction will be the result.

    I am calling upon the Americans and their allies: try to preserve everybody’s dignity, for no one is void of sins, to return to the path of truth, for truth is greater and more lasting than you all. Everyone is sinful, and the sins of the people are the cause behind the collapse of civilizations. The towers of Washington and New York are not higher than the truth, nor is Bush infallible.

    Put an end to this disgusting nonsense, since today’s civilization is the fruit of successive generations, who exerted sincere efforts and worked hard to develop it. Ward off revenge, because it is a characteristic of wild beasts. Save yourselves from yourselves, reconcile with one another, and try to reach a satisfactory agreement, or else you will gain nothing but more devastation and havoc.

    Am I dreaming that reason and tolerance will fly all over the battlefield?

    Surely, the poor Afghani people, whom the Americans are firing upon mercilessly, were not those who hijacked the airplanes and led them in that wondrously clever way. What the Americans and their allies say and try to propagate is in fact a form of taking advantage of the whole world’s inattention. Wrath has totally overcome and controlled them, so they have lost the ability to think logically.

    They are killing poor people that can hardly find food. They are murdering suckling babies who have nothing to do with what is going on around them. What they are doing is nothing but blind terrorism and they should know that their mass media will not be able to persuade people of their baseless claims. Crazy actions only lead to more crazy actions, and fire will never extinguish fire. This is suicide on the part of the American media, armies, and policies. It is the beginning of the end of a foolish, materialistic civilization that has gone astray due to its insistence on achieving personal interests blindly.

    As a mercenary state, Israel is making use of the present chaos by killing more Palestinians, destroying more of their homes, and eroding more of their lands. Israel rejects the concept of withdrawal, refuses any attempt at concluding a peace agreement, and goes against the recommendations and promises of the most technologically powerful state in the world; America. It goes on launching more attacks and violations under the shade of the American groundless assault against Afghanistan. Darkness upon darkness, misery upon misery and foolishness perpetrated by the educated.

    The United States of America is ahead of this vicious circle, setting the worst example for both its followers and for the whole world.

    The story is not over yet. There are facts, which reveal that certain groups inside the States executed the September attacks. Moreover, anthrax is another voice of propaganda that emerged from within America. The U.S. itself has confessed this fact. The story is still continuing and no one knows what is hidden in the future, nor can anyone give any definite information about that. How truthful are the wise words asserting that oppression leads to the destruction of those who perpetrate it.

    It is true that the story is not over, as there are killers, who have not yet been executed; criminals who have not yet paid for their crimes; assassins who have murdered innocent children and escaped from retaliation; and there are gangsters, who have destroyed houses on the heads of their dwellers but have not yet been sentenced.

    There are some, who have been given authority, power, and presidency through terrible killings, violations, and oppression.

    I repeat, the story is not yet over. Even death will not be the end of this dilemma. There will be an afterlife where there will be accountability and retribution. No one will escape from that reckoning, and the scales of eternal justice will surely be set. There, Allah, the Most Just, Who has knowledge of all things including those which are hidden and unseen, will determine everybody’s abode. No criminal will flee from punishment.

    This is because Allah, the source of Truth, did not create this universe in jest, and that is why everyone will receive reckoning according to all that which he or she said, did and intended. In this way, this wondrous Divine creation will be concluded with such perfect justice after which there will be either everlasting pleasure in Paradise or eternal torment in Hell.

    I know that some may smile when reading these words. Well, I have no comment on that, as I do not see anything that may lead to hastiness in giving judgements. The One, Who created this universe, is the same One, Who created time, and He is not in a hurry. Out of His mercy, He decided that there should be enough time before putting an end to this clamorous, worldly life that is destroyed by the greed, lusts and foolishness of mankind.

    So, let us wait and see, and may he be blessed whoever 'has a heart and understanding or who gives ear and earnestly witnesses the truth'!


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